You want to move to Valencia, the B & B Valencia Arthouse and its Complete Relocation Services strives to bring you its personal touch.

After living in Valencia for over twenty years, we’re very familiar with how things work, necessary paperwork needed for each type of appointment along with the procedures to be followed to get things done quickly.


Before you make your decision to move to Valencia, we can offer you a pre-move assistance:

Please send us your specific requirements:

  • Are you looking for an apartment or a house, how many square meters, bathrooms, facilities.

  • If you already know the city, let us know in which area you want to live.

  • If not, we can make a selection and send you photos as well as details of properties.


Once you have found the perfect neighborhood to live, we will assist you with the following:

  • Banking: Schedule and accompany you to your appointment to set up a Spanish bank account with all necessary documents (this is required to rent an apartment).  We will actually do this before we begin your apartment search.

  • Apartment/Home Search: Make the appointments with the Real Estate agents or flat owners and organize the visits.

  • Contract Negotiation.

  • Connect you with English speaking lawyers

  • Utilities: Set up accounts with water, gas, cable, electricity, internet, phone companies and other services you may need.

  • Home goods purchase liaison: accompany you to stores, and assist you with setting up deliveries.

  • Administrative Services:

    • Padron Assistance: Keep in contact with the owner to have all papers required for the Padron. Schedule and accompany you to your appointment. Review of all required paperwork before your appointment.

    • TIE Assistance: Set up and accompany you to your TIE appointment. Review of all required paperwork will ensure that all fees are paid prior to the appointment.

    • SIP Cards Assistance. (for COVID vaccine)

    • Bus/Train Assistance: Obtain necessary card for public transport in Valencia.

  • Translation Services:

    • Schedule and accompany you to any appointments where you need a translator (doctors, lawyers, government agencies, driving school, post office, etc)

    • Assist finding certified translators.

  • School Registration: Help you register your children for school and ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork and can accompany you to any teacher conferences if you need translation.

We speak five languages - Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish - so we can communicate with you in your own language as well as translate your requests.

Individuals, expatriates, from the United States, Canada and the European Union who wish to:

  • Buy a property
  • Rent a property
  • Make a real estate investment

You can choose to live inside the old town (Barrio del Carmen, La Seu, La Xerea), or in Eixample area (Ruzafa, Grand Via), or Extramurs (El Botanico, Torres Quart), or the old river bed, the marina, the beach and the area of El Cabanyal or outside, in villages such as La Eliana, Puzol or Betera.

If you need more information, or if you like to contact us, please send an e-mail along with your telephone number and e-mail address to:



2022, Lisa Harrison

We recently moved to Valencia and were booked to stay at the Valencia Arthouse while we were looking for an apartment. Upon arrival, Margarita sat down and chatted with us about what we were looking for and things we were interested in. She helped us to narrow down a few areas to look for apartments based on our conversation. Boy was she right! We originally thought we knew exactly where we wanted to live and even had an apartment lined up to visit. She suggested we take a walk to the apartment and walk all around town to get a feel for it. Once we did that, we realized it was more industrial that what we were looking for. We took her advice and let her show us some apartments (she has lots of connections) and we are so happy to have found our new home. She set up all the appointments and went with us to view every apartment. She even went with us to order a new bed and set up the delivery since we are just learning Spanish. There were so many things that we were unaware of even after having done loads of research about moving to Spain. We just didn't realize how some things are done here, but Margarita walked us through every step. We are happy in our new apartment, but still call Margarita with questions and she is always happy to help. We researched several relocation services and she is by far the cheapest and super knowledgeable. She adds a personal touch to everything and makes you feel right at home. 

2022, Rebecca Weston

Finding an apartment in a country whose language you don't yet speak can be more than a little challenging. But Margarita made the process much less stressful. She has lived here for twenty years, speaks five languages, and welcomes the opportunity to help foreigners find their homes in Valencia. We very much benefited from all Margarita knows about how the rental market works in this city, what things to look for, and what things to watch out for. She accompanied us when we visited apartments so we were sure to ask the right questions and she also helped us with our padron appointment.  We wouldn’t have wanted to do it without her!